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We offer the best solutions for industrial storage. We manage a customs warehouse of more than 6,000 square meters in Alginet (Valencia) for all types of dry cargo.

On the other hand, we have the logistic platforms that Alonso Group has in the Iberian Peninsula:

Valencia. 200,000 square metres of dry cargo storage facilities, groupage warehouses, customs area and container depot.

Madrid. In the Spanish capital, Alonso Group has 7,300 square metres of dry cargo storage, picking-packing, groupage and perishable goods facilities.

Barcelona. This is an intermodal platform of 220,000 square metres with dry cargo warehouses with direct access by rail, with UIC width, and a container depot.

Algeciras. Just over a kilometre from Spain’s most important port, Alonso Group has an integral logistics platform of 120,000 square metres with 24,000 square metres of storage for dry cargo and 5,200 of refrigerated storage, with bi-temperature chambers.