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Trànsits Marítims is made up of a team of professionals with great experience in the logistics sector.

Since 2008

Trànsits Marítims started in 2008 in Valencia. In its origins its main activity was focused on the transport of paper.


With time it increased its business areas, although, the traffic and transport of raw materials (cocoa, coffee, paper ...) still occupies a prominent place today.

Customs warehouse

Trànsits Marítims manages a customs warehouse of more than 6,000 square meters for all types of dry cargoes located in Alginet (Valencia).

AEO certificate

We have the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate, number ESAEOC21000016QM, a title granted by the Tax Agency.

Part of Alonso Group

Trànsits Marítims is part of the holding company Grupo Alonso, a leading national and international logistics group with presence in five continents.

Global presence

Alonso Group has presence in all the links of the national and international logistic chain (shipping companies, freight forwarders, consignees, intermodal operators...)


Diversification, specialisation and commitment to the environment are some of the hallmarks of all the companies that make up Alonso Group, making them leaders in all the sectors in which they operate.


With our work every day, with our customers and suppliers


To achieve our goals, objectives and commitments


In everything we do and propose


Professional and humane in the outcome of our work


For our ability to adapt and take on new challenges


We generate movement in our environment and promote evolution and improvement